About Karacho

Fullservice Videoagency

Karacho GmbH
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Timm Straßheim
+49 176 42077528

Daniel Roth

We like to work in a small team with our own Equipment. If necessary, the crew will be supplemented with freelancers and additional equipment.

What we do

Concept | Storyboard, Ideation Workshops...

Production | filming, sound recording, light, crewing, scheduling, location scouting...

Postproduction | cutting, sound, colorgrading...

Videoseeding | video ads, media planning, social media ads...

Advanced mediaproduction | videowebsites, videoinstallations, interactive videos...

Photography | portrait, events...


Equipment_Karacho-Film-Videoproduktion_2 studioproduktion-beamer-kundenstimmen shooting-with-plants Shooting-Karacho-Filmproduktion videoschnitt_on-location-eventvideo Stil-Karacho Karacho-Filmproduktion